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Just an idea I had while playing Tanoa recently, I wanted to board up one of the concrete bunkers on the smaller islands. When I tried to do it, I could not get the door to sit right across the entrance way and ended up having to build an entire 4 walls and roof around the entrance to secure it. I much prefer just barricading existing buildings in Exile and the idea of doing that is to be a bit more discrete rather than having a huge concrete/wooden base dominating the landscape. 

I was wondering if there might be a way for the developers to add buildable doors into the crafting menu, for example, the wooden or concrete doors and a small frame around them. This way, those of us who prefer to barricade up could do so without the need for building an entire wall with door frame built in. First of all it would probably encourage people to barricade up an existing building, at least early on, and would look a hell of a lot better overall than having a wooden wall half sticking out of the side of a house. Is there any possibility of something like this happening? All of the doors in Arma 3 are roughly the same size so one door should fit basically all. Just the actual door without the surrounding wall would be fantastic. 

Also, on a similar subject would be barricading. Some sort of wooden wall but one which is just big enough to cover up a buildings existing windows... In the old Arma 2 Epoch I used to use the 1/4 wooden floors and rotate them but they were generally too big too. But something along those lines would be awesome. 

Anyways, thank you for the mod, just my thoughts and ideas :)

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19 hours ago, Z80CPU said:

Hello Galecast,

Well, you do have options.  A few things, while silly, they would work:

Wooden crates

Saw horse

Metal hedgehog

Water barrel

...And many more...




Be creative!




Thats true, I guess the crates could be used and so could the hedgehogs. I guess its just the doors then really, something a bit smaller than the current wall and door would be ideal. I don't mind the actual Arma 3 building being destructible, thats really not a problem. I don't play to hoard, I play to build and have fun, if I have to restock every now and then because I only boarded up the door and a few windows then so be it :)

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I do agree that there should be 'smaller parts', till then, being 'creative' is going to be about it.

And note, it has been a long while, at one time, many 'eons ago' in exile history, you could destroy the wood crates...or it may have been in long ago...

So, if you do use the crates, you might wish to test.  You might be able to test this on SP, I do not know though.




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