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So last week I decided to make an Exile server seeing as I have excellent internet and an i7 computer here at home that does nothing but run a small Teamspeak server for my gaming buddies. So far its going well with Exile Altis, Ryan Zombies Extended Base Mod and DMS Missions but I still have a list of things I'm struggling with and would like to resolve.

Hopefully someone will be willing to help me, maybe by jumping onto my TeamSpeak or inviting me to theirs so I can ask some one some one on one questions.

1. Get Exile with Ryan zombies working on Tanoa. - works fine with Altis but after a day of trying and following the instructions I can not get zombies to spawn.

2. Noob I know but I cant seem to get rCon to connect to my server.

3. DMS Missions are great but when theres only a couple of players the police hunters are too intense and too often. I don't want to get rid of them but I would like to tone them down or at least only have them enable when there are a minimum number of players on the server.

New players are welcome by the way. We have a TeamSpeak Server ip, and I run fairly Hardcore settings, as in NO 3rd Person, and no aiming reticle.

Maybe someone can recommend bandwidth settings and player limit going by my speedtest info as well.


Thanks for reading.

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