Vehicle unlock and remove ammo Download here:
Updated for server version - v0.9.32B These files will auto unlock any vehicle in a trader marker on server restart and remove ammo from any purchased vehicles or player owned vehicles if it has mounted guns. Simple to install
1. Download files and un-zip/n-rar Unlock_ammo.rar
2. unpack exile_server.pbo
2. Replace overwrite files in exile_server\code (yes can be done via mpmission but why waste mission space)
3. repack exile_server.pbo
4. Load server and your done.. Add note to server loading that vehicles unlock in traders. If want vehicles to unlock in default exile trader zones use file in "Trader Unlock file" folder
Credits to another member of forum for unlock script I forgot who is was :\ all I did was test and pack it Rearm script can be seen at: