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T Blackburn

Cant join any servers with any Mods other than EXILE alone


I am able to play Vanilla fine, but when I have tried to play Exile (with any additional mods) as of late, it gives me error upon trying to enter ANY server. I launch using Arma 3's Launcher, and the list of Mods I use to play on the servers are matching exactly with what the server asks for. I was able to play the night before, and now some of the Errors look like this :

(This is the first error I get and it changes between different ones each time)
The exception Integer division by zero.
(0xc0000094) occured in the application at location 0x000000000234C84

(this is the second error I get once I click OK on the first error)

Any attempts I have made to fix are:
1. Uninstalling all mods and reinstalling.
2. Verifying Arma 3 Cache.
3. Reinstalling Arma 3 completely (Not Including Data Files in Documents)


1. Zombies and Demons
2. CBA_A3
3. CUP Weapons
4. CUP Units
5. CUP Vehicles
6. CUP Terrains- Core
7. CUP Terrains- Maps
8. Exile Mod

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That's an Arma error, not at Exile one. Update to the latest performance binary and it should help keep that error at bay.

Also, use A3Launcher from a3launcher.com instead of the default Arma3 Launcher.

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