InfiSTAR spawning toggle functions on ground? e.g. godmode

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First off i am posting this here as the other forums i am on are not frequented as often my "Mr Infistar", so please forgive me if this is not "EXILE" orientated.

I have installed infistar onto my server and it has been working for quite a while without fail, however lately it has been saying when i enable things like "Revive", "Heal", "God mode", etc. all those functions are being spawned on the ground in front of player? E.G. 


It even does it to the spawn menu titles as well. E.G. 


It still enables the item I wanted (not revive, that doesn't work) but I then have to close and reopen the menu and it auto activates it, which is very annoying.
I have no idea what this is, i have updated to the latest version of infistar yet nothing, I haven't edited anything besides admin UID and badvariables to let other admins teleopet, Any help would be much appreciated.

If you need RTP logs i can get them, there isn't much in the way of errors with infistar, i could be very wrong.

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