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I have noticed that the dupe item removal part of infistar is removing items.that are not being duped from players backpacks, it's normally items of not much money eg bandage or can opener but I'm getting players moaning that they then have no item to use. 

On a side note with this setting on we have had a player duping code locks,  it involves another player and a backpack...he had 40 code locks in his base. ....he has gone now but we have managed to work out how he did it.  


Thanks Razor 

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yeah there's probably still ways to dupe things- I think about and try to block all ways I know and all those checks seem to work good so far. He must have used a different/new method.

if somebody knows more than please let me know so I can block it.


Deleting of "duped" items doesn't just delete the Dupe it also removes the "original" item so they can't even try to dupe again :)

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