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Someone normal player joined my server and was able to spawn virtual items

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So some good samaritan joined my server (Is a server admin of a different server with infistar) and was able to open the infistar menu. The only functions he could access where spawning virtual items and self-disconnect. Any idea what would be causing that. I'm using this on a life server btw.

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why do you not tell us why you're thinking he was doing that through infiSTAR?
What version are you running?
what mod?
what is his UID?
his IP?

I doubt he was able to do that and if there was a way for him to open the menu and he found another way to not get banned (he doesn't even have the menu code as it doesn't get send to none admins) he would have more options than just these 2. It makes really no sense especially not with no information :/

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