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Not Spawning²


On 10.11.2016 at 1:48 PM, ace.le said:

Hello guys, sorry for using this thread but i got the same problem like KillahSeven. I am not spawning on my dedicated server. I installed it with the EXILE SERVER INSTALLATION GUIDE from this page and disabled strict mode as the instructions said. The only thing the console from the server said is (after about 60s i think): "Player Calvalon: Signature check timed out". So i searched for it and found this post from MGTDB:


"We had this then we made a change....

The server config file sent out in the Exile server download has
verifySignatures = 1;

This was due to desync in the early stages of Exile mod. We changed to verifySignatures = 2; a few weeks ago and have seen a lot less signature verification check kicks, so maybe BI is nerfing version 1."


So i tried it out but it doesnt work. I also tried it with a new profile, but no effect. Does anybody has any idea what it can be? :/

Hello there.


Maybe its better to open a new thread instead of using anothers thread, but as wroted, it is a similar problem.

Any ideas?



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