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Signature mismatch Z-Hunters mod


Ok, so I know what a signature mismatch means. It means that the version of the mod on the server is not the same as the version of the mod on the client.

However, I have added the Z-Hunters mod to my server. I uploaded the files directly from my client, from the Workshop folder where the files are stored, to my server. The key is in the Keys folder. However, when anyone goes to join the server, we're told there's a signature mismatch between the client and server on the Z-Hunters mod. I can still play on the server, but that's really annoying. The only possibility that I see is that the mod.cpp reports the mod as such:

name = "[MOD] Z-HunterS 0.20 By Overdoose";

However, it's not version 0.20. It's higher than that (I forget the version number). I don't think that would affect anything, but perhaps there's a file in the mod that would cause this? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

*Edit* Here's a screenshot of my client side files vs my server files, as seen in Filezilla:


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