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 just got my first arma 3 exile Altis server and im new to this...So have have atm 3 script restrictions that hopefully easily can be fixed.

The first one is #40 and happens when i deploy para immediately after respawn. Flying down a few sec and kicked. I deployed the para close to the ground and then no script restr.

Then the #35 also happening while para...This one im getting if i deploy para half way down

and then i got another #40 and im not sure where it happened


15.11.2016 21:43:53: [PVoN] Gjee ( ed877385dac533411ecde940c5f9a5e2 - #40 "(_this select 0) execVM "\A3\weapons_f\data\scripts\fire.sqf";"

15.11.2016 21:49:55: [PVoN] Gjee ( ed877385dac533411ecde940c5f9a5e2 - #40 "BIS_fnc_setVehicleMass_fsm = _this execfsm 'A3\functions_f_mark\Vehicles\fn_setVehicleMass.fsm'; BIS_fnc_setVehicleMass_fsm"

15.11.2016 21:55:15: [PVoN] Gjee ( ed877385dac533411ecde940c5f9a5e2 - #35 "e "lastGestFreezeT";

if (_VBtemp + 25 < time) then 

if (isPlayer _this) then {}     
if (random 10 < 6) then 


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So...i think  managed to solvvve those myself looking at the how to do it yourself.....Wasnt that hard actually but the issue for me noe is WHY i get the script restrictions....I now know how to fix it but i cant read/understand why i got the error

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