Infistar broke my server

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hay i tried to install infistar on exile and im now always getting the RPT LOG errormessage


ErrorMessage: Data file too short 'addons\a3_infistar_exile.pbo'. Expected 2090862399 B, got 107302 B


idk what to do pls help!

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25 minutes ago, Leon0803 said:

i already did, maybe its the way im changing it to a PBO that messes it up, im using winrar and change .rar to .pbo because the pbo manager i installed wont work

Yaah, that's not how it works.. Get PBO Manager working correctly..

16 minutes ago, Leon0803 said:

or can someone make me a Pbo? just add the uid  76561198145529784 to the Admin's and give it to me, that would be the coolest

That would most likely count as sharing InfiSTAR and get both you, and the person you've shared it to for help, black listed. Plus it could potentially open up your servers to a world of pain if the wrong person were to help you and either add in extra UID or disabled protective features.

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