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hey there!

i added an addaction for an object in mission sqm in the following format:


  init="this addaction [""DO something"",""script_to_execute.sqf""] call BIS_fnc_MP";"

(yeah i know remoteexec is preferred over fnc_mp,but it works this way)

how can i remove that action as soon as the "button was pressed"?

i tried removing the action by player removeaction but it wont happen.any tips?




the friendly sniper from your neighbourhood


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managed to do it by putting the function name inside the init line in mission.sqm.

function_name= this addaction ["blablabla...

 then inside the sqf thats called in the init line:

_vehname = _this select 0;
_fnc_name= _this select 2;
_vehname removeAction _fnc_name;

for everyone running into the same problems.trying to be helpful omg^^



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