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I have add an action to trader for run a custom mision and I want to remove it when used. The action added is this:

class Soborno
    targetType = 2;
    target = "Exile_Trader_Office";

		class Actions
			class Sobornar: ExileAbstractAction
				title = "Sobornar al mafioso";
				condition = "true";
				action = "[] execVM 'addons\convoymision\sobornar_trader_fnc.sqf';";

With this include in config.hpp in mission directory:

class CfgInteractionMenus
	#include "addons\convoymision\sobornar_Interaccion.hpp"

I have read in BI forums that with this code can remove it, but I don't know how to run, insert  the code: 

class CfgActions {
    class UseMagazine {
        show = 0;

I try to run it with

[] execVM "filename.hpp";

but doesn't work. 

Can anyone help me?


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