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Rearming (custom?) Vehicles


Hi guys,
I recently started an Exile Server for just me and a friend and added CUP_Vehicles for it. You can imagine our excitement when we could afford a Mastiff ;) To our disappointment, the gun was empty. No problem, farming another half an hour and selling enough guns to start war and we got ourselves a HEMMT Reammo truck. Again, we got disappointed when the "Rearm" option did not appear after getting into both vehicles as driver (Local vehicles).
From that point on I have tried many custom vehicle rearm scripts (Like the vehicle service point script and AVS) but the rearming component of them never seems to work. I even tried manually (debug console) adding the option to rearm and triggering the functions, without success. The refueling works just fine, but the rearming remains stubborn. I even tried adding magazines to the database, without any success.
At this point im desperate enough to consult forums, so here we go:
I'd like to completely start over and just ask if someone can provide us with a lightweight script that re-enables the ammo trucks' function to reammo.

My biggest problem with this is that in every attempt I made, "vehicle player" returned the player as if he was not in a vehicle. "objectParent player" also yielded the player unit, making it impossible for me to refer to the vehicle?!? That's why I'm asking if someone knows a way around that? At this point, I couldn't even care less about balance, I just want ammo in the ********** **** ***** ***** ***** Mastiff. :)

Thanks in advance,


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