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So here I find myself creating another Exile server, however this time around things are a bit more tricky.

I am creating a replica server to the one that I am currently running, and I have added infiSTAR as well as AEM. Now as I added RHS:USAF, which is a mod that is currently running on my live server,using any weapon on any vehicle, land or air, kicks me for various restrictions. Same thing occurs with player primary weapons as well as rocket launchers. I even had to create multiple restrictions not only for the weapons for the F-22 plane, but some for the ejection seat as well. The weird part is that I never had to do this for RHS:USAF when adding it to my live server. I had to add restrictions for various scripts I implemented, but not for RHS.

Now I know how to create Battleye Restrictions, as I am continuing to do so for all of these various items, but man as you all know this stuff is a pain. However my questions for you are as follows:

1.  Is there a simple setting somewhere in the infiSTAR config that I missed that can resolve me not having to create all of these restrictions?

2.  If not, is there a setting elsewhere I may have missed?

3.  If not 1 or 2, any ideas why this might be occurring? 

Thank you for your time.

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