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Set Variable kick

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SetVariable Log: #0 [UXO] Weber (51d4d4a6f1b5b23afd11f44bd93d5a8d) - #0 "enigmarevivepermitted" = true 2:505 Exile_Unit_Player

Any time a player dies or suicides they get kicked with this in the rpt. I don't understand how to fix it and QGS's "Premium" Support is useless. Their solution is disable battleye.....

I also get kicked for this:

 SetVariable Value Log: #0 [UXO] Weber (51d4d4a6f1b5b23afd11f44bd93d5a8d) - #0 "bis_fnc_setunitinsignia_class" = "" 2:716 Exile_Unit_Player

Anytime I try to use the BIS Arsenal (Infistar and infistar apps)


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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The enigma revive one I figured out. Basically Quality Game Servers "Premium" Support Didn't install it correctly. Don't waste your money with them. Still don't know why BIS Arsenal isn't functioning propperly. BUt not a big deal since I am only using it during testing phase. After the servers up I'm removing it from admin menus anyways. 

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