changes dont show up on map / in the editor

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Hi there,

I installed M3Editor, plus this other mod mentioned in the forums. fired up the editor, started editing. 

and : oh yeah got it into the map. excitement. Now.. wanted more.

Unpacked the mission pbo again. put the files / folders in my editor directory. loaded the mission files.. nothing. nada. 

where are my changes ? all the sweet stuff I put in is gone. What am I missing ? 

thanks in advance


another strange thing: the stuff shows up in the M3Editor, but not in the editor from arma3....

also when i chose to play the scenario in the editor, the stuff is there.. 










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Verify the addons that are required in the Eden editor and ensure that you are loading these mods on your server.  Also, you may have to put @m3e_3den under the -servermods in your config line for server (note: make sure the folder is in root directory).

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