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Supply drops around the map


Hey there,


I was wondering if it was possible to get the supply drops all around the map, instead off just around the airfield. We got the aircraft trader at the airfield, so they just don't wanna spawn. Any help?


Thanks! :)

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you can edit file ExileServer_system_event_supplyBox_start.sqf in your exile_server/code folder
and add an array of map coordinates instead of airport coordinates configured on map you using

replace line 13:

_airportPositions = call ExileClient_util_world_getAllAirportPositions;

to something like this:

_airportPositions = [[Coordinates#1],[Coordinates#2],[Coordinates#3],[Coordinates#4],[Coordinates#5]] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom;

I'm currently trying to figure out how to do it automatically , random coordinates (depend on the map size I choose, of course) & what is the correct coordinats string format 

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