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Question? Updating Mysql database


I would like to increase the speed of database saves. Just in-case it restarts and i have some loop of vehicles, or death loops and it restores the vehicles on the map (last known spot)

Where would i increase the saves? and what is the default time to save - update or refresh.

Thank you



p.s i did not change the exile.ini as it pre defines what saves, but is there a function that we can change from 60minutes to 5minutes or more if we choose.


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Here is the default settings

minSessions = 2
idleTime = 60
; Really should only use this if MySQL server is external. Also only for MySQL
compress = false
; Recommend you turn this on  http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/mysql-command-options.html#option_mysql_secure-auth
Secure Auth = true


Removed everything else not associated to this question.


minSessions = 1
; minSession Default Value = 1

;maxSessions = 4
; maxSession Default Value = number of Main->Threads
;     You really should leave this value alone
idleTime = 60
; idleTime no Default Value yet, needs to be defined.
;     idleTime is the time before a database session is stopped if not used.
;    If Database Sessions are greater than minSessions

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