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Persistent Vehicle - DB Problem

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hi all,

i ve some kind of strange problem  . i looks like a sync problem between the Exile Game and its Data inside DB.

Here are my symptoms

- Vehicles popup at another place after Server restart

- even worse, Vehicles that were sold appear on the map again after restart

- pin_code of vehicle does not work ( even after changing directly inside DB no way to unlock car )


looks for me like a problem between the data transfer /sync between game and db.


Does anybody else expericed a problem like this ?





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I will concur with this, especially on testing.

Goes back approx 1 hr. When referring to the database, the vehicle moved to a new location, is not totally updated. It still shows the old location.

Shutdown server, to work on scripts, and volla 1 hr back to same location. Exact time when it was restored back is unknown.

CBA installed.

Any help?

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Is there a way we can auto save every 5 minutes? that way its forcing to save.

Trying to find out what is causing it to go back 1 hr.

I start server, grab chopper, fly it and blow it up. Respawn, wait 10 minutes then exit. Run the rcon tool to shut down the server, close my bat file to stop it from starting the server again. work on my files, transfer a new mission.pbo over and then start the server up again. Now i am logged in safely, but the chopper i blew up is at the first spawn point like a trader, and not removed from the database. It could be 45 minutes, it can be 5 minutes but once the server is restarted the chopper is at its first location.

Also boats, spawning will keep spawning until i have 30 at the trader. I will turn that off shortly.

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