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Headless Client & DLCs

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Question:  If you are using a headless client account it doesn't need the DLCs (I would assume no) but. . .  I'd rather ask than assume.

Someone asked me and I initially said, "no the AI should see whatever buildings are spawned in Apex or not", then I thought (or over thought) about it and figured I would ask.

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When the game is downloaded, it downloads everything, even the DLCs, however if you haven't bought them it cannot be accessed in Singleplayer, and in Multiplayer if DLC content is used the individual player will just receive a DLC overlay once in awhile, and slide-in purchase notifications for the DLC. (this is seen when getting in as passenger in vehicles which is a part of a DLC or if player is using content from DLC that the player doesn't have).

So the headless client already have all the content for Arma 3, and the general gameplay will not be affected in any way. 

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