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Hi there, 


are you already tired of doing missions to make some money? Are you tired of looting the whole city just to get killed on the way to Trader ?

Are you tired of making own money ?

Do you want a clan which provides you with a high end vehicles, guns and a lot of money and easy rollin' respect ?

Are you looking for a team players which you could use just as a Taxi to get from point A to point B ?

Are you looking for team which will clear out the mission for you so you can just come in and take the loot?

Are you tired of sharing your vehicles and loot with your Teammates?

Are you tired of helping out the guy in your Team who constantly asks for help?

Are you tired of your Teammates killin' your targets ?

Are you tired of giving the bearing of every single target you see ?

Are you tired of being gunner in a Heli and all the respect for killing goin to Pilot ?


"Yes ?", then go fuck yourself, we are looking for teamplayer !

If no, you can find mich unter steamname: Neserma, not the Nazi guy! The guy named Mário from Zilina

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