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Hey @infiSTAR 

I got a new one for you buddy, posting it here for others having the issue.

When people are flying the C130J from RHS class: RHS_C130J they scroll wheel to "move inside" they are supposed to be able to walk around inside but after the latests AH updates, they get kicked for it. 
Kick message is: 14:55:48 "<>HACKLOG| PLAYERNAME| PLAYERNAME(01234567898765432) | player attached to x: RHS_C130J - [R Bravo 1-2:1 (PLAYERNAME)]   @[4377.5,3955.72,397.761] 043039 | 0h 52min 60s   [18-Nov-2016 23-21-06 - v0066]"

Thought i'd let you know :)
I'm not going to turn off attach_to_check for obvious reasons so until there is a resolution i will remove it from trader :)

Thank you :D

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