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Loot spawn percentages

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Can someone clarify that loot spawn percentages for me please? It's driving me mental lol.

I took zipties and compasses and stuff like that out of the military loot. Now there seems to be a grenade in every military building?


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By removing items, you are increasing the chance to spawn other items as the same amount of loot will be spawning but without basic "junk" to spawn in, Exile will select other items to put in there making the good loot a higher chance of spawn in.

My suggestion if you want less of the good stuff?  Drop the overall loot levels on the server a little and increase the "garbage" spawn chance in military a little which I think is at 50% by default.

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Hi Riker,


thanks for the response. I don't want the trash in the military zones. So I need to somehow balance out the rest of the loot so it isn't just mainly grenades spawning.

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Have you made your own cfgloottables i assume by using the loot compiler?
If not i suggest you do that, In there you will find a file named LootItemGroups.h which containes all the items and a number infront of them, That number infront if the "weight" chance of an item spawning in each group when its called by a "building". The higher you go the more chances the lower you go the less.

A quick example:
> SMGAttachments
20, optic_Holosight_smg
20, optic_Holosight_smg_blk_F
20, optic_ACO_grn_smg
20, optic_Aco_smg
20, optic_ACO_grn
20, optic_Aco

having all set to 20 means (obviously im gone above 100% chance for that pick but doesnt matter really unless you care for "precission"). So what it really means is that it will equally pick from all of the above to spawn them when called to spawn an SMGAttachments.

Below example
> SMGAttachments
50, optic_Holosight_smg  //50%
5, optic_Holosight_smg_blk_F  5%
10, optic_ACO_grn_smg //10%
5, optic_Aco_smg //5%
5, optic_ACO_grn  //5%
25, optic_Aco  //25%

If it were to spawn this example it would have 50% to spawn optic_Holosight_smg  in the SMGAttachments of a loot position ingame.

Explanation on what you've done, Now that you took out the zipties and other trash it will look into what you have defined in the building loot for military gear to spawn previously it was Zipties (etc), Uniforms mil, Backpacks mil, Headgear mil and so on. Now because you removed the zipties etc it has less items to pick in small slots, So its picking what is left (flares, grenades). If you do not want only grenades in there then add in your loot table in the grenades section some more small items that you think are useful, Maybe some mags. In the end its up to you but given the above i've typed you should at least understand how loots work.
This is what my military buildings loottable looks like, This is where you reduce the amount of Explosives etc spawn from the loottables.h in the loot table compiler.

> Military
0, Trash
3, HEGrenades
2, UGLFlares
2, UGLSmokes
3, HandGrenades
3, SmokeGrenades
1, Restraints
0, MedicalItems
5, MilitaryClothing
5, MilitaryBackpacks
5, MilitaryVests
5, DLCVests
5, MilitaryHeadgear
4, Ghillies
4, DLCGhillies
5, Rifles
3, RifleAmmo
3, RifleAttachments
5, LMG
3, LMGAmmo
5, Snipers
3, SniperAmmo
3, SniperAttachments
3, DLCRifles
3, DLCAmmo
3, DLCOptics
3, DLCSupressor
3, Bipods
4, Explosives
8, GuerillaItems


Hope it helps.

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Thanks for that explanation buddy.

So your loot table at the bottom there spawns things evenly and doesn't just have more grenades than anything else?


I did look into the compiler but thought it was to do with adding in extra weapons and stuff rather than changing spawn rates and equalising it out.


I'm very grateful for your reply :)

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