Post here if you found anything to be wrong with the new patch. If you have fixes post them as well Be warned however that all fixes may be different for each server Update! Big thanks to Ultima-Weapon for providing some necessary fixes Be warned that this is just a temporary Band-aid until Arma releases a hotfix. When they do you must revert the work that was added before you update! Hello everyone,

As I posted earlier in this thread, I am back from work and have found the fix I promised.

First, a very big thanks to the Exile devs for coding a mod where the code itself is actually very easy to follow. Second, I would like to say thanks to all those who have thus far supported the fixes that I have posted in this thread thus far. Third, while I appreciate the effort of the individuals who have posted untested fixes for the disconnect/reconnect bug, there are some inherent flaws in those codes and though i did not try or test them, I do not believe they can possibly work because of the following: a) No client side code should be called from the server side; b) you should not sent objNull for the unit you want removed on disconnect. (There is more, but I will leave it at that. If this offends you, I am deeply sorry.)

Disclaimer: This code was not written or modified by the Exile dev team and therefore is not an 'Official' fix. Use at your own risk.

With that out of the way, let me continue with the fixes that I have.

To fix the endless blur after death: To fix the onPlayerKilled event handler not firing: The above files need to be changed and placed in the 'fixes' folder (or folder of your choice if you know what you are doing) in your mission.pbo.

Then make sure to add the following to your CfgExileCustomCode in config.cpp
  To fix the disconnect/reconnect dupe (Comparable with servers that run with or without CBA) : Repack your server.pbo and mission.pbo and enjoy!   Once again a big thank you to Ultima-Weapon for providing these fixes for the community!   EDIT Eichi: Be aware this is NOT a fix, but a workaround. This will break your server in case Arma updates.