How to downgrade Arma 3 to play on EXILE servers.

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For those that auto updated Arma 3 to the latest patch 1.65, MANY issues have arisen with Exile meaning a hotfix will potentially not be out for a few days maybe longer.

Like me if you still want your PVP fix this is how to simply downgrade your game to the last patch.


Find Arma 3 on your steam library > right click open properties > Navigate to BETAS tab

Under the section *ENTER BETA ACCESS CODE* enter Arma3Legacy164

Make sure from the drop down menu above *select the beta you would like to opt into* It says LEGACY BUILD 1.64

Close this menu and you will have a 10GB update again if you have already updated to 1.65, if you have only partially downloaded your update will be small.
For those with slow internet, if you go into your Arma 3 before hand and copy the folder ADDONS to another place, when the update comes out you can copy paste this back and your Arma will be back to 1.65.

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