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Operation: We the People - Stream to educate community.

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I've seen a LOT of questions from people trying to edit the mission file, create trader zones, safe zones, and get loot spawns, and tables edited, and many more topics.

I was wondering if anyone who is very well versed in this would be willing to host a Streamed Event, to teach some of us newer players (trying to turn admin) how some of this is done.   I would be willing to make a generous donation depending on how effective the stream is.  I'm sure many more of us would be willing to donate.   I know a few of my friends would be willing to donate also.   My goal is to help people who are trying to get new content out there (more maps), with better features, and support someone who supports the community.  Exile Mod/Arma 3 in the past has had an excellent community, and we can take this opportunity to take it a step further.  This is a great opportunity for someone who is talented in these areas to earn some extra money before the holiday, and give back to the community. 


Comment below, if you're willing to; 

Attend and donate to a good cause

Host the stream, (Experienced and knowledgeable Admin)

Market the event; by helping reach out to any/all other Exile outlets (reddit, forums, in game, word of mouth, smoke signals)


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Hey, I have been watching this thread for the past day and since you have not got any takers I would be willing to put my name down.
I have been a developer for many Exile servers, the largest server I worked on was in the first few months of exile where we were the 2nd largest exile community in the world- I also made a Esseker server for this community- making the safe zones, getting the map spawning with the correct loot, handling the UI and missions etc etc.
However have never had the money to create my own to the standard I know is necessary for a server to run without lag.
The reason I did not put my name down sooner was I have been pretty inactive as of late with developing exile servers and hosting something on this scale would require me relearning some of what I used to know. However I would be OK doing this if it would benefit the community.
I am not a streamer but I do have the capability to steam and I would also suggest breaking up the stream into youtube videos documenting each topic discussed.
In terms of marketting I don't see why there would be a problem stickying a post on the subreddit, as it would only be benefitting the community, but I would have to ask the other mods first.


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