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The Killin Zedz community was formed in 2014 as an online gaming community that played the Dayz mod. Over the years we've played different Dayz mods as well as some A3 mods. We've been concentrating on Exile for a while and I'm looking to expand our membership. At one time we had an extensive roster, but we're down to only a few active players. Our play style is relaxed, without any real structure or requirements. We're generally friendly players who, even though we play on a PVP server, try to help other players as much as possible.

If you'd be interested in becoming part of our community, please visit our website at, register and say hello.

We also have a Steam group:
Discord server:
Arma 3 Unit page:

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28 minutes ago, Confuee said:

I'm interested but the link doesn't work to the website 

It does now, there was a "." at the end of the hyperlink, adjusted the post to remove that, should work just fine now, good luck! ^_^

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