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As most of you are aware Arma broke Exile and a few other mods. Causing more work for the Dev's of Exile. All in the same time period of @Eichi Wanting to retire from spending so much time coding and away from his family. Now is the time that we all need to step up and help out as much as we can, to make things easier on him and the Exile Crew. I believe that they are not abandoning Exile all together, but more or less taking a step back and maybe Fixing stuff when Arma breaks it again. - Which is where we all "Server Owners and Players" that love Exile come into play. Running a Server is very time consuming. Running a Platform like Exile has done is even more Time Consuming. So lets please help them as much as we can, and show them how much we appreciate what they have done, despite what the future may hold. They deserve it all, by giving us thousands of hours of enjoyment.

My community Se7eN Gaming's Donations this month and extra will be going to Exile Mod - To show how much we appreciate everything they have done, working around the clock and working with Bohemia Interative to fix the problem. Whether they retire and don't look back is up to them and no matter what we will be donating as much as we can to show how much we appreciate all the hard work. 

Thank you @Exile Mod for everything that you have done, it has been a pleasure using this mod on our server and we appreciate everything you do!

Community! Lets help them out, and help with their cause and the many hours they have shoved into this community!

@Eichi Congrats on the kid! They are a blessing and yes, need a TON of attention :) Good luck you and your family!

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