i have a couple of questions

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hey cris


admin panel is working i'm very happy with that


i have a couple of questions
how to fix: Script Restriction #22 and Script Restriction #1 
because battleye is kicking me everytime
also when i logout i die everytime and when i try to respawn i stay dead or i spawning in the ground or water
and then server timer is not working it stays on 3 hours and if i play 30min on the server en relogin its back on 3 hours
greetings Maikel de Blieck

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Hello Se7en,


I would suggest you start all over again, and this time start with plain ARMA and Exile - NOTHING ELSE.  Plain ARMA and exile do NOT cause these errors!  Now, you can 'mess up' the config files and cause this, but just unzipping and installing without modifying any files will not cause any error!


Get this working FIRST.  Then make a backup of ALL MODIFIED FILES, then add your other mods in.


With all these errors, it is a mess and needs to be redone.  I would also suggest you read the install directions carefully for the mods you installed.  Most mods put in/tell you what BE filters need to be added/modified.


And the way you posted this can be liken to you saying 'my car does not work'.  It really tells nothing.  You need to include all ARMA generated logs and place them in the 'spoiler' section.


Good luck!



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Really strange errors, you should also upload your servers rpt file. Seems like you've more than just infiSTAR & Exile running :)

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