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Battle and constant crashes please help


Hi guys,

So got the sever updated to 1.66 and players are getting in there with no reported problems which is cool.

Me however after updating my client to 1.66 I'm having a nightmare, since the battle eye update yesterday all I get when trying to join a server is the "Battle eye launcher stopped working" error box (see pic)

game launches still, tries to join server and crashes before even downloading the mission with the access violation!!!

I verified twice through steam, deleted all my battle eye install, re-verified again hoping to force a reinstall of battle eye and yeah it's screwed.

Has anyone got any suggestions to fix this because all was working good as gold until the battle eye update yesterday one crash in fifty launches on average, now its every single time without fail.





I've since been onto BE tech support and they have acknowledged that it's broken and are apparently pushing another update / rollback at some point today, they say it will fix the issue 100%

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Battle eye is now fixed, after a remote session with my pc they determined that long start parameters were causing an error with the update, apparently they will fix it in the future , for now they patched it so expect another BE update

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