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picking from and to crates


i tried to pick up an item from my crate, i couldnt so i took all and then the items would not go back so i looked away and then at the crate and singularly put them back, i had an issue with the axe also as i picked it up and when i finished i tried to put it in a crate and no. The only way was to put it on floor pick it up and put it in my pack or other clothing but NOT hold it and then it went in. Had same issue with safe, i wanted a window and it would not let me have it without taking all, so i took all and tried to put the rest back and no, i had to look away first n then put each item i didnt want back, weird as only happened since v1.66

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fresh restart crate/containers work and after sometime they don't like to take or give items back, fresh placed ones work then don't after some time, if i move the crate/container it will work for a bit again.

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