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Persistent Vehicles not showing on map after restart


Hey guys,

I'm not the server admin of the server that is having this issue, I am just trying to help out the admins solve this issue.  So the server was just wiped and updated to 1.66, everything seems to be running smooth but there are a few issues...one being that persistent player bought vehicles are not showing up after server restarts in their last locations but are showing in the database in the location they were left.

Also putting vehicles in the virtual garage has presented the problem of not being able to get them back out / disappearing all together.

The mods they are running are,

CUP Weapons
CUP Units
CUP Vehicles
Exile Mod
Hollow's Vehicle Pack

Any ideas/suggestions/fixes would be prime.  Thanks gents.

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I would guess that for the virtual garage, you had to overwrite some files that control the way things are overwritten in the database? If so, those overwritten files are probably to blame.

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