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Hello , my name is Phil proud owner and founder of the APF Community.

We aim to make a community  successfully that is fun and a clean community.

We have backing funding , if you like we would like to enrole you into the staff team.

This is your chance to shine and promote yourself.

What we need :

-Admins (Need Experience)

-Mods (Need Experience)

-Content/Media Coverage (YouTube / Twitch)

-Support Staff (For forums , TeamSpeak)


I am always on our teamspeak and it is :


More of APF'S server links: - website - forums



Please get back to me,

Thanks Phil

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Staff Application:

General Info:

Name: Jakeb, but most people just call me Epsilon.

Age: I am fourteen, but I am more mature than most people my age, and I have a good bit of experience in being staff.

Experience: I have been co-owner on an island life server in ARMA 2 OA, and senior moderator on another server, and helper on three other servers.

Situational Questions:

1. If I got reports of a hacker in the server, I would: Gather evidence and witnesses, and try to bring said hacker on teamspeak to talk it out, and if he complies, I would lessen the punishment and he would hopefully stop hacking and come back after the ban is over, but if he did not comply, it would be a permanent ban.

2. If there was a situation of disrespect towards players or staff, coming from a player, I would once again try to find witnesses and evidence before getting the player into teamspeak for a discussion, and giving an appropriate punishment, and I would ban him if he failed to come into teamspeak for a reasonable amount of time.

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