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Exile is Absolutely Unworkable, i guess


This is absolutely ridiculous. I have the exile mod downloaded in my files. I have it in my d drive in the mods folder. It says @Exile and when I click on it guess what? I have all of the files or things in it. Apparently i don't, I've been Wasting my time on this mod for days now. Its so much fun that i cant even play it. Its also so much fun to join a server on the a3launcher and wait without a loading bar. Its also a lot of fun to get on arma from steam, try to join an exile server and then it tells me i have deleted exile client, or assets. Oh and one more thing... My absolute favorite is when I open up steam, go to a server, click more details, which it says in red i have no missing mods, but then get this... I go to click join and when i click it a set mods option appears and i look at all of my installed mods, but you know whats in yellow.... The EXILE mod the most fun mod to play. Now i dont know why its in yellow because it doesnt tell me. This is the saddest experience i've ever had on a game. Now please dont come to this and suggest the A3Launcher because yes like i said previously i have and when i do use the A3Launcher guess what happens. I get to sit there for hours looking at one picture and a stupid loading quote like trying not to crash or planting shrubberies. Then i eventually quit because i know i have the exile mod downloaded. So if some smart person that knows the mod like the back of their hand and knows most of problems with it could help me that would be great.

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Hello ImTiredOfTrying,

While I understand your frustration, do look at this way.  If this issue was common, this board would be filled with such complaints.  It is not.  Sadly, this points to the fact that this issue lies on your end and on your end alone.

A3 Launcher is a piece of crap.  Use Bohemia's launcher...it works...all the time.


Also verify the paths to everything as well.  You can always start up a SP session with the Exile mod loaded and see what happens.  You should also verify that you have the correct ARMA version yourself installed as well as the same versions of ARMA/mods as the servers you're trying to attach to.


And for the most part, ignore the 'colored' dots in the ARMA browser...they aint too accurate.  For me, sometimes the show 'green' and other times 'red', but I always get in because I always keep my stuff 'up-to-date' manually.


Unfortunately, the problem is with you; not Bohemia, ARMA, or Exile.


Good luck to ya!



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