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i destroyed my heli while moving a wooden ladder.


hi everybody.

First of all i want to say that  i love this mod...i started with BP but no im a complete exile guy...love it love it love it.

So for my problem....

This ocured just after the last arma update don't know if its a common bug or a new.

Yesterday i was working in my base just under my heli pad.

i changed my wooden ladder into movable (it was red at that moment) suddenly the heli above it exploded.
Im guessing that the ladder when its red its stil colliding with the heli.

Thats all.

Other then ..great job with the MOD


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Or as the saying goes "You just got ARMA'D".

Whenever working on your base, you should (as a force of habit) move your vehicles away.

Most of the time, you will collide with your vehicles and cause explosions which can also murder you in the process.

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