Adding Bridge by AhoyWorld To Tanoa mission.sqm

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I'm trying to add the bridge modeled by AhoyWorld found here into my mission.sqm. Using the Eden Editor, I was able to merge the sqm from the bridge into my Tanoa mission.sqm. I can see the bridge in the Eden editor when I play my server's mission.sqm scenario in Single Player mode through the editor. I packed the new mission.sqm into the Tanoa PBO and uploaded it to my server, however, the bridge is not visible when I log into the server in the mp mode. It should be noted I used the Eden Editor, not the Exile Editor plug in, and I didn't make the objects that make up the bridge 'simple objects'. 

What am I doing wrong? Am I missing an obvious step? Do I need to add the objects such as 'class Land_PierConcrete_01_16m_F' to any other files?


Any help would be awesome, thanks!!



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1. I figured out the original issue...apparently making sure you are FTP'd to your main server and not the headless client is something you double-check. Duh! 9_9

2. @Z80CPU thanks for the replies, I was considering adding these as well, or in place of AhoyWorld's. The only thing keeping me from doing so was not knowing if watercraft could pass freely underneath. I think you just sold me on them! 

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This bridge was made for exile.  It works, quick to install (<30 seconds) and things can go under, boats, people, and you can FLY under it!


Another nice feature is that you can use this 'script' on any Tanoa based map, even in a SP mission.  It is just a script that you place in your mission folder and 'exec' it from somewhere (forget w/o looking) and that is IT!


I  had no issues with trees or anything.


As stated: get it, put it in, and it works!


Simple  as can be!




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