infiSTAR not picking up the Admin from missions

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I have been running along all warm and fuzzy with infiSTAR for about 2 months now.  About the time of the ARMA 3 update (not the same day but 1-2 following) my server RPT started kicking out the message that all is well with password and your admin UID are here, you know the same messages down the line we see each time we look in the rpt file, but when it gets to the infiSTAR_AdminMenu.hpp part of the story, it tells me not found, you forgot to drop it in or forgot to #include it in the desc.ext.  Now, for the first 10 times or so I looked to see if I had jimmied something about, and screwed it up.  This error  is also followed with 2 others I've not seen.   One of your preprocessors has failed bad file name (empty file).. and Your mission has no description: : Header

I have pretty much done everything "inside the box"... Even some things "outside the box" and "WAY outside the box"..... Should anyone have any thoughts or suggestions feel free to throw em at me.. I did just read a couple of things while looking thru the forums for subjects similar to this that I had never given any thought to, so I will double check all file folders that I upload for strays.

FYI... Exile Server, I forgot to mention that. The files I am using atm are new.. today new. yesterdays files were yesterday new, but I downloaded them again a bit ago in case I dropped anything in them. This issue happens when it's the only thing added to Exile / ExileServer, or when there are 10 mods added. It isn't a case of I added a mod and it stopped working, tho it is more of a case of, I added the Dec 6 version of the service, it worked just fine that day, but the next morning until now I haven't been able to load the server with infistar.

That pretty much sums up my act.. I know that many will want to see report before any suggestion, but there is nothing outta the norm from initial start up to the included mod box... following that I get an error can not play or edit >>  missing or deleted >>  exile_assets.   I suggested politely to my host that there might be something askew with their files since the update, that went poorly. The game loads with that error at least, which as a rule it would kick.  

Point of interest: Side Note: The server also started saying there are no mods needed to join the server the same time as the other 3... Header.. Preprocessor.. infiSTAR not in mission folder. Even when I know what mods I am using, and add those mods it will tell me to remove them, if I keep them loaded it will join the server and they all work.   

I am beginning to think this is a Rod Sterling server, "Imagine if you will a man, an old man, out of the hosting game for a while. Now imagine a server, but not just any server. This server has a will of it's own, errors when there are none, claims of missing syntax: when you can see the , ; " } as plain as day. Welcome to THE TWIGHLIGHT ZONE"

Thanks  in advance to anyone that tosses an idea my way.. I am off to grab a new infiSTAR and get these shoulders to the wheel, the nose to the grindstone, really put my back into it..  well, something like that anyway.


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