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Hello guys, 

as my first mod ever, I decided to recreate and expand the Mad Max universe. 








At the moment the mod contains: 



- Chums Buggy - original 
- Interceptor - original 
- Plymouth Rock - original 

- War Rig Truck - orignial



- Devastating Shotgun -custom 
- Sawed-off VG Bentley -orignial 
- Mauser C96 -original 
- Smith & Wesson Model 28 - original 



- Selfmade Helmet -custom 
- Buzzard Gasmask -custom 



- Mad Max Face Fork from FuryRoad -original 



- Old Leather Vest (unfinished atm) -custom 




- War Boy   -original

In case if you wonder, original stands for content, wich has been seen in the movies or in the game, I does not means, it was ripped of the game. 

Known buggs and errors: 
- plymouth rock missing .rvmat error 
- the wheels of the plymouth rock are not at the correct postion 
- the vest is not fitting, gets sucked into the body directly under the armpit and has only texture on one side 
- the shadows are not perfect 

- the shotguns can use scopes, this is not wanted, so make shure you have an empty sight slot on the shotguns (or you will see nothing and think the gun is broken) 

BI Forums WIP Discussion:


Special Thanks: 
- Fled for releasing the model of the plymouth rock 
- I3lueVein for his models of the mad max and the inspiration 
- KingDom for spending his freetime, while searching with me via teamviewer for the errors 
- ianbanks & Pennyworth for helping me with the first person error 

Credits can be found in the Files. 


If theres interest in my mod, you can join the discord server: here!



Download Links:


Armaholic (Might not have the lastest update)


You can use it for Exile or whatever you want, but please don't repack or reupload it anywhere else without giving credits.

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Update Version 0.8.3 

- Added War Pup (Young) 
- Added War Pup (Older) 
- Added War Boy (Lower Rank) 
- Added War Boy (Higher Rank) 
- Added War Boy (Imperator) 
Only Skins at the Moment.



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Still working on the textures...







I'm still not satisfied with the exterior texture, but I don't have substance painter or another expensive tool to make a better texture for it... Maybe someone wants to help me out?

I recreated the horn sound for the Warrig, after hearing the sound like 1000 times... still not satisfied yet...

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Truck nearby finished, need some texture reworks in the cockpit. Started to work on the trailer, wich is way easier.

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