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Am trying to add BE filters so we can fire the rockets in the pawnee for an event.  I posted on here the other day and one of the Particapants said the following what I've pasted below the end of my message.

But, on line 36 it begins with: 1 Exile_unit_player

Aren't I supposed to add the text on the line that starts with CreateVehicle ?  However there isn't one the closest I can find is line 6 which begins with:   

1 createVehicleLocal

Thanks again and sorry for all the questions.





It´s not that hard.
All you have to do is to spawn yourself a Pawnee and a Kajman for example.
Make sure that you have Battleye turned on and that you are not assigned as an admin.
Next you enter the desired aircraft and fire the weapons that you want to use.
You will get kicked for script restriction #X.
Next you have to check your scripts.log inside your battleye folder insider your server root folder.
Youll then have to copy the exact kick reason over to your scripts.txt (not the .log!)

For example you get kicked for: Battleye Script Restriction #34 “il _t or !isNil _s) then

Then you have to add

“il _t or !isNil _s) then

at line 36 in your scripts.txt at the end of the line.

Make sure that you copy paste the exact restriction.
Youll have to do that for all possible kick reasons.

I hope that I could help you.


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I cant get it to work. I entered  !="M_AT" and !"M_AT" in the createVehicle.txt file. I even tried adding it on the lower lines as 1 "M_AT" with no success.

!="M_AT" on line one of createVehicle.txt worked in prior Mods. Not sure why I get booted here. For now we will not use rocket pods.

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I added a space then !="M_AT" to the end of my 2nd line (the one that starts with 7) and I don't get kicked when i fire the rockets anymore.



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