Next update for ExileMod or not?

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Greetings to all! All the same, I'm puzzled, and I do not understand. Will update the following update from ExileMod or not? I really am looking forward to the addition of the animals in the game, and do not really want to do your addon with the addition of animals, even though I can do it, I still want to mod and further developed, and let the development of already partially stopped, I still believe that the time "goodbye Arma" and the farewell must be brought to the end! I very much hope that the update will still please do not disappoint us! We believe in you! And we hope that events still will not suffer sudden death! Thank you for your prompt reply!


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Been asked a few times, check the first thread I listed, Eichi's post. 

However I wouldn't count on it being released, as the devs are pretty much drained completely from working with Arma, I would rather count on it being released as separate mods by someone in the community ^_^

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