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UAV's from other factions including MQ-12 falcon


Hi everyone,

Does anyone know if its possible in Exile to add UAV's from other factions to the trader and them still being usable?

I know that in Vanilla Arma it is not possible, unless writing a mod or script enable it (if I am right that is..)
So the question is, can you and how? (in case of extra needed scripts or edits in the existing mod)

I would personally like to add the MQ-12 falcon to my server, as I have an all out war Exile server. Tho when testing it in InfiSTAR I was not able to connect to the NATO UAV terminal, meaning I could not control the drone... (nor with scrolling on it when standing next to it). My guess this is because of faction limitation (Exile being in Independent and the MQ-12 Falcon is not..)



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