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Hello All,

Just wondering If anyone is interested in setting up my server, I have the addons installed like Cup Weapons and things but not sure how to do Launch Parameters. There is a few other things like some scripts and I would like to install as well as Ryan Zombies (Not sure how two). You can contact me for email. I am pretty new to the Exile scene and I am willing to compensate whoever is willing to help. 




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Hello NecroAUS/Tanner,


Without being mean or rude, what are your plans when an update happens, something needs to be modified, or breaks?  Come back on here and post then wait days for a reply?


Not good for 'business'.  Many ask the same question and the all get the same answer:   Learn to do it yourself.  You HAVE TO.


You can 'practice' on your own PC at home and it is not that hard.  Most mods have 'instructions' on how to setup stuff and there are quite a few manuals on how to set up a server from 'scratch'.  As long as you can FOLLOW DIRECTIONS, it is VERY EASY to do!



Rest assured though things WILL go wrong/need to be modified and it will not take long either!




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2 hours ago, Z80CPU said:

 What he said..


Everyone want's to run there own server instead of playing on a server. 

I get it I really do, but if you struggle with the very basic.. than it's best just to contribute to another server already established :)


Z80 is right, If something breaks your going to have a hard time waiting to get it fixed if you don't understand at least the basics. 

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@NecroAUS These guys are not being "dicks", they are speaking the truth.  The correct question to ask would be could someone teach me the basics.  Even if you did get the basics down, when something breaks, and it will, you will find yourself stuck.  I use to own Counter Strike: Source servers, and decided to switch to ARMA.  I self taught myself through guides and other players.  Here's some starting points:

Startup Parameters


R3F Guide (Contains some good information)



PreProcessor Commands (#include)

Ingame Admin Commands

I highly recommend that you do also find some basic YouTube videos that suite whatever you want to try to do.  There are tons of them.  I hope this was helpful and you can get yourself off the ground.  As a rule, remember to always backup EVERYTHING.

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People don't mind helping, but setting up a server and keeping it running is a fair bit of work. 


You don't go rent a car if you can't drive. ;)


If you get stuck, then ask, people will help.

But make sure you search the forums 1st before asking something that has been answered a 1001 times already ;)


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