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[Updated] R3F Logistics Exile (with CUP)

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Hey, one question. I installed the mod on my server and all of the functions of the mod appear twice in the scroll menu. Why is that so? and what do i have to change/remove in the script so the bug gets removed?

I just put the mod as it is into my server without changing anything in the mod.


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Hi @Super Jerome. After following your instructions, I've started my server back up and my players get this when logging in:

"No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/Plane_Base_F/HitPoints/'"

None of us have been able to get in the server as we're getting script restrictions. I did copy my scripts.txt into yours.

Any ideas?

Cheers, Mark


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@SleePyHollow150 it isnt R3F, its one of the mods you are using. Either there is an error with one of the server mods or your mods locally.

Verify your server mods if other people see the error, verify your mods if only you get the error. If you always got the error, the author of the mod could have stuffed up (like when you load Esseker).  You could have a corrupt local mod & uploaded that to your server.
If you want to know what mod is the issue, load mods one at a time & start the server.


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