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Hello Exile world!

After finally getting my OBS working properly i wanted to stream some Exile! Everything worked out great but theres still some problems with the Stream Friendly UI. After the latest patch of Exile the numbers in the keylock shows **** insted of numbers. Which is great BUT the viewers can still see where your mouse is pointing! So the smart viewer can just look what numbers you press in. If you can type in the password with the numpad then im an idiot! hahah otherwise it should be possible to use the numpad or "hide" the mouse when you type in the password.

Also i think viewers can see the waypoint on your map - So if you set a waypoint at your base, then your viewers know where your hideout is. Can this be hiddin as well. 

Happy Hunting - Napstar 

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You can use the numpad or even the numbers at the top of your keyboard, just give it a shot.

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