[SOLVED] infiSTAR Day/Night Vote Not Working

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Recently started a server and toggled the infiSTAR day/night vote to "DayNightVote = "true";" in the EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG.hpp.  However, the vote system is currently not working ingame.  I haven't changed any of the other values regarding the vote, so I'm wondering if there's something elsewhere that might be interfering with the system's operation.  Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


/* Allow Player to vote Day/Night by typing vote day / vote night in Chat*/
DayNightVote = "true";
MRV = 0.3;	/* if "DayNightVote = "true";" - Minimum votes required. Percentage of players needed to pass the vote. */
MVP = 0.51;	/* if "DayNightVote = "true";" - Minimum vote percentage. A setting that dictates the minimum vote percentage that needs to be reached for the vote to pass. */
VCT = 300;	/* if "DayNightVote = "true";" - Time (in seconds) to wait until nex vote is possible. */


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