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Hi all

I have a problem with the Woodlogs only on the Winter version of the Map they not appear. And after joining i become No entry.binConfig.binModels/default

I make it buyable now at Hardwaretrader :)  but its not Optimal

When i run the Summer version all works fine with the standard Trees in Woodsource.

I searched in the Thirsk.pbo and find this ClassNames :


class WoodSource
        name = "Trees";
        models[] =
            " t_",
            " bo_t_",
            // A2 trees
            " str_",
            " Smrk_",
            " les_",
            " brg_",
            // custom
            " SnowPicea_",
            " SnowPicea",
            " THNurmW",
            " THNurmW_",
            " THPnurmW",
            " THPnurmW_",
            " THNurmW2",
            " THNurmW2_",
            " THPnurmW2",
            " THPnurmW2_",
            " THMetsW",
            " THMetsW_",
            " THMetsW2",
            " THMetsW2_",
            " THKanervW",
            " THKanervW_",
            " THSekalaineW",
            " THSekalaineW_"

But they dont work alltime the same no Tree is falling.

Which Tree names use the Cherno Winter Servers ?

Mods running: Cup Terrain1.2.0/Exile1.0.2/Thirsk/Ryanzombies4.6 /CBA_A3

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