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I would like to change the ViewDistance. Basic is configured over 1000 meters. I want change this for 3000 meters.

Can you help me. I do not know how to do that.

Thank You in advance

Best Regards 

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We have infistar and we change that in EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG.hpp. 

	The following 4 options can be disabled by putting the value to -1. For example "TGV = -1;"
	TGV: if set to 50 grass will be very low for better client FPS.. default is 25. ~35 is good performance and grass :)
	old infiSTAR default values were:
	TGV = 40;	
	VDV = 1000;
	VOV = 800;
	SVD = 50;
/* Terrain Grid Value   */ TGV = 35;	
/* ViewDistance Value   */ VDV = 3000;
/* ObjectViewDistance   */ VOV = 2000;
/* ShadowViewDistance   */ SVD = 50;


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