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Exile Zombies and Demons, Need HELP!


Hey there!

I'm totally new to Arma 3 server management, and I bought a server on HostHavoc!

Ive got Exile to work on my server and I was able to change the map to Tanoa and change the spawnpoints etc.

But I really want zombies on my server and I've looked and looked for a tutorial on Google, but every single one is super confusing! (for me I'm noob xD)


I wanted to ask if there is anyone that can give me a step by step tutorial/guide for zombies on Tanou?!

Pleas someone helppp meeee....!


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When you install Zombies and Demons you have to put "ryanzombies" in addons under your mission.sqm.  Also take a look at my guide may help you a bit.


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