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Super Jerome

[Update] Underwater Mission for Chernarus

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I made some modifications to the underwater stash mission created by @eraser1 for Tanoa. To be clear this is his mission I merely changed some positioning so that it functions on Chernarus.  This mission requires DMS.  You will need a crate loading script like R3F or Igiload to get the crate.


Step 1: Place the underwater_stash.sqf inside of your a3_dms\missions\static folder.

Step 2: Open your config.sqf and add the line ["underwater_stash",1] inside of the DMS_StaticMissionTypes block

Step 3: With the config.sqf still open add the line "underwater_stash" inside of the DMS_StaticMissionsOnServerStart block

Step 4: Ensure you have static missions enabled.

Don't forget to add commas if needed.  If you are confused about punctuations look at the Server Owner Guide.   I modified the loot tables for some worthwhile loot.  


Other Links:

Defents Mission System

R3F Logistics

Server Owner Guide

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